National and International Plans


The Partners in Flight Landbird Conservation Plan


This plan was revised in 2016. The plan documents the current widespread decline in landbird species throughout the U.S and Canada and presents prioritized related conservation objectives.



Saving Our Shared Birds: Partners in Flight Tri-National Vision for Landbird Conservation


This document presents a comprehensive conservation assessment of landbirds in Canada, Mexico, and the continental United States. This tri-national vision highlights the vital links among North America’s migratory birds and the highly threatened resident species in Mexico. It points to a set of continent-scale actions necessary to maintain the landbird diversity and abundance that are our shared responsibility.



North American Waterfowl Management Plan: 2011/2012 Plan Vision and Related Documents


These documents affirm the vision of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan and of the U.S., Canada and Mexico to recover waterfowl populations by restoring and managing wetland ecosystems, to conserve biological diversity in the Western Hemisphere, to integrate wildlife conservation with sustainable economic development, and to promote conservation partnerships of public and private agencies, organizations and individuals.



North American Waterbird Conservation Plan 


This initiative focuses on waterbirds across the continent. Primary attention is provided to species that are not currently addressed by other conservation initiatives, and includes grebes, rails, seabirds, terns, and herons.




U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan

Partners from state and federal agencies, joint ventures, and non-governmental organizations from across the country pooled their resources and expertise to develop a conservation strategy for migratory shorebirds and the habitats upon which they depend. The U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan provides a scientific framework to determine species, sites, and habitats that most urgently need conservation action. Main goals of the plan, completed in 2000, are to ensure that adequate quantity and quality of shorebird habitat is maintained at the local levels. These national assessments were used to step down goals and objectives into 11 regional conservation plans. Plan partners are working with joint ventures to accomplish these goals. The Shorebird Plan is administered by the Division of Migratory Bird Management.

Regional Plans


PIF Landbird Plan for California

PIF Landbird Plans for Oregon and Washington


Northern Prairie and Parkland Waterbird Conservation Plan


Regional Shorebird Conservation Plans