The following are some examples of the tools and resources in the AKN that state and federal agencies might use to answer some common questions:




My agency is responsible for overseeing development projects off the coasts and in the Great Lakes region, and need to know the locations where I can place projects that are best for avoiding and minimizing impacts to birds. 


My agency has bird survey data and they need a place to house it that is secure, but offers the opportunity for data analysis, data aggregation with other datasets, or data sharing with others if my agency desires that. 


My agency is responsible for overseeing the development of an oil & gas facility in the Great Lakes area,  and we need to see where these facilities could be having the greatest impact on birds, and birds of particular concern in particular, so that we can avoid those areas.



My agency is interested in looking at potential impacts from a certain type of development on a particular species of bird within a particular region. We have are able to approximate how many of that species might be impacted by the activity, but we’d like to be able to look at the best available information on the known population size of the bird on a variety of scales to ensure that our estimated impact will not jeapardize the population both in the region, and as a whole. 


My agency needs to do any one of the following in the area of the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, or Intermountain West:

  • Determine if bird populations are stable, increasing, decreasing, or if data are inconclusive and species-specific monitoring is needed. This information is mainly used to update our State Wildlife Action Plan and our State Sensitive Species list.
  • For project planning, determine which species occur in my management unit and population estimates for those species to see if any species of concern occur in the project area and estimate the potential population impact of species in the area.
  • Determine what proportion of grassland bird populations resides on my National Grassland during the breeding season. Are there any species of concern for which my Grassland plays a large role in population contribution?
  • Compare bird populations in my unit to the surrounding region to understand how the thinning treatments could be impacting bird populations, because my agency is conducting a lot of thinning treatments in my management unit.