Important Information About Data Limitations and Use

It is the responsibility of the user to make sure any data or data summaries obtained via the AKN are used appropriately and that users properly acknowledging any and all sources of data, and any limitations of those data.  To learn more about the data sources feeding into the various tools, please read About the Data Sources and Types contributing to AKN Tools Data limitations associated with data summaries provided by tools like the Phenology Tool will be found in the “About” sections on the pages for those individual tools. Please examine this information closely before using the data or tool summaries in any analysis, research projects, or other products.


Publicly Available Interactive Data Analysis, Visualization and Summary Tools

These are visualization and analysis tools that use data gathered across all nodes of the AKN, and are using all the latest data in AKN as it’s entered and shared with the tools in real-time. 

Data Owner Analysis Tool

This tools requires an AKN account and login and is only available for use by those that are storing their data directly in the AKN.  

Other AKN Data Exploration Tools and Products

There are many node-specific data exploration tools within the AKN. There are also many data products that are not directly working with the underlying AKN data, but may have used the AKN data along with other data resources in developing products that help answer questions and inform decisions. To see a full list of the data products and tools available within each AKN node, and links directly to those tools and products, please see the AKN Site Map.

Other Tools and Products Outside of AKN

To view a list of other tools and products that might be helpful for answering bird conservation questions and looking at species patterns and trends, please visit Other Recommended Resources.