This page will be a work in progress as partners actively engage to improve it. The purpose of the page will be to house the best available activity and species-specific conservation measures for birds. Having this repository of best available measures has for some time been identified as a critical need for a number of agencies, organizations, and the general public.  These measures can be used by the general public, federal and state agencies, industry and others seeking to avoid and minimize impacts to birds in their daily activities, or to help others structure their projects and activities to do this.

For more information on various sources of impacts to birds, please refer to the USFWS Migratory Bird Program Threats to Birds webpages.


Nationwide Conservation Measures

 Nationwide Standard Conservation Measures – This is a list of standard conservation measures that can be employed at all construction projects nationwide. These are simple, low to no cost measures that will help to protect all birds and their resources regardless of the type or location of the activity.

Activity-Specific Conservation Measures

Building, Glass & Lighting 

Communication Towers

Electric Utilities

Oil & Gas

Wind Energy

Species-specific Conservation Measures