Use this site map to view and navigate directly to the unique products and features offered throughout the AKN and its individual nodes.

AKN Core Resources

Although each node offers its own unique products, tools and resources depending on the specific geographic area and needs it was designed to address, the AKN system offers some core resources and tools that benefit and can be used within any node. These resources are accessible on the primary AKN webpage, as well as directly via this site map. 


AKN Node Resources

Avian Knowledge Network Northwest (AKNW) 

Borderlands Avian Data Center (BADC)  

California Avian Data Center (CADC) 

Federal Avian Data Center (FADC)

Eastern Avian Data Center (EADC)     

Integrated Waterbird Management and Monitoring Network (IWMM)  

Midwest Avian Data Center (MWADC) 

Rocky Mountain Avian Data Center (RMADC)